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Our Story


We’re Fernando, Samanta, and Emilio – three friends born and raised in Ecuador. United by a shared passion for the wonderful fruits our land grows, a commitment to a healthy lifestyle, and a deep connection to South American agriculture. We decided to unite and create Moosa as a way to share our roots with the world!

Healthy Sips, Sustainable Groves

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Sustainable agriculture from earth to cup

Embracing regenerative agriculture practices, we cultivate our fruits with care on small farms in South America. This approach goes beyond sustainability, actively restoring and enhancing the soil's health, promoting biodiversity, and contributing to the overall well-being of our beloved Pachamama—Mother Earth in Quechua.

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Wellness in 
every sip!

Our hand-selected fruit blends are loaded with vitamins, fiber, and immune system support. A straightforward alternative to tea, coffee, and sugary drinks.


Women at the Heart: Inspiring Community Growth.

We source farm-fresh fruits directly from local cultivations in South America, ensuring exceptional quality that comes directly from our dedicated small farmers. To maintain this standard, our fruits are hand-selected, dried, and expertly packaged exclusively by women. Empowering local farmers and creating meaningful job opportunities, especially for women in need, our initiative contributes to community well-being by providing flexible schedules and fostering economic independence for this vital minority group.

Exotic flavors & premium quality

Unique blends with exotic fruits from the Andes in South America. High concentration of flavor, surpassing that of regular beverages.

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